"Little Giant"
Hydraulic Load Scale & Industrial Printer      

   Designed for wheeled front loaders  Also used on hydraulic fork lifts
   Designed for use with the HLS - 3 Hydraulic Load Scale
   Lighted display with large numbers
   24 v DC power (optional 120 v AC adaptor)
   Displays bucket load and truck total
   Extra-wide paper for large print
   Simple three button operation
   RS - 232 Interface
   Pounds, kilograms, tons, or metric tons
   Wide operating temperature range
   Plug-in keypad to calibrate or adjust
   Large, bold print for easy reading
   Smart interlock features prevent adding the same load twice
   Automatically prints load tickets when connected to the HLS - 3
   Count up or count down for truck total
   Rugged, welded steel case
   Over pressure warning
   Two-color printing
   Stored summary of loading operations
   Fast, impact print head
   Easy Installation
   Resistant to dirt and water

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