The LITTLE GIANT load scale uses a microprocessor and a pressure sensor to measure hydraulic pressure in the lift cylinders.  The pressure is converted to a bucket load weight and displayed on a large, easy to read display.  A second display shows the truck total.  All calculations are done digitally to minimize errors and provide versatility to adapt to any type of loading operation.  Smart interlock features prevent double entry of a load to the truck total or daily log.


Bucket net weight is displayed as the boom arm passes smoothly past the switch.  The operator pushes the LOAD button to add the bucket load to the truck total.  When the last bucket is added to the truck the operator pushes the CLEAR button to transfer the truck total to the daily log and reset the truck total to zero.  The SET button is used to zero the tare weight of the empty bucket in the weigh position at any time.  

Installation and calibration are simple procedures that do not require a factory engineer.   A LEARN sequence is used to tune the LITTLE GIANT to your loader.  Final calibration is completed by simply entering two numbers into the LITTLE GIANT with the detachable keypad.  Those numbers are the weight of a truck load as measured with the LITTLE GIANT and the weight of the truck load measured with an accurate truck pit scale.  The microprocessor then automatically calculates the correct calibration factor based on the ratio of the two weights resulting in accuracy of ±1%.

If the optional printer is installed, a truck ticket can be printed for each truck load showing company name, date, time, material number, customer number, and truck total.  This information is also kept in memory and a daily summary can be printed out at the yard supervisor's convenience.



±1% (when correctly calibrated)


12 to 24 volts, 0.5 amps


Dual, back lit LCD (0.5" tall characters)

Hydraulic Sensor

0-3,000 psi (other ranges available at no extra cost)


6" Wide x 4" High x 4.5" Deep


Heavy duty welded steel case w/ mounting bracket


4 lb.

Model HLS- 4

Includes: Display unit, Mounting bracket, Detachable keypad, Pressure sensor with 10' cable,10' Hydraulic hose with couplings, 10' Power cord, Magnetic switch with magnet & 20' cable, Instruction manual, 12 month limited warranty

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